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RIMSCentral® - Portal for Real Estate Due Diligence Professionals

ExactBid’s RIMSCentral portal web site (www.rimscentral.com) is where vendors of real-estate professional services – appraisers, environmental consultants, property inspectors – and those who want to order such services find each other.

Through RIMSCentral, Vendors securely log on and connect to all their Customers who use the RIMS enterprise appraisal/environmental ordering and workflow tracking system. Such RIMS Customers include commercial banks, capital markets lenders, appraisal management companies, and other financial institutions involved in real-estate collateral valuation and due diligence.

The RIMSCentral system interfaces and allows vendors to participate in lender bidding opportunities online. The portal facilitates the bidding and awarding (including “direct awards”) of jobs, coordination of vendor activities, document upload/download, and vendor certification compliance history. RIMSCentral assists the bidding opportunity process: immediate communication between the two parties, assignment tracking for the lender and vendor, streamlining of paperwork and electronic document collaboration.

RIMS sends email notices that alert users of status updates during the process, including notices of requests for proposal, award acceptances, report delivery, and job completions. These notices help vendors to respond quickly to RFP's and awards, which shortens the overall turn-around time for awarding appraisals and inspections. Vendors can also be notified of direct awards and engaged quickly for fast-turnaround jobs.

RIMSCentral also let’s vendors “link in” their own private clients so that they can manage their private work in addition to their RIMS assignments from a common assignment management platform.

Seekers of professional services can search and access, through RIMSCentral, the aggregate database of over 12,000 commercial and residential appraisers, environmental consultants, and property inspectors. Such seekers could be financial institutions, appraisal management firms, brokers, law firms and others.

RIMSCentral has been available since 2007. New capabilities and features are constantly being developed and deployed.